This site is going to focus mostly on bodyweight exercises and calisthenic routines that will allow you to make significant strength gains while simultaneously improving your level of conditioning. When many people hear the term bodyweight training, they automatically assume that it isn’t as effective as weightlifting or other training modalities. Make no mistake about it, you can, and will, make significant strength gains using bodyweight exercises such as chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, rows off of suspension straps, and all push-up variations. The trick is to make these exercises progressively more difficult through different variations and loading techniques. Think about it, how many people do you know that can do 20 perfect chin-ups? Exactly. If you do know a couple, chances are they’re in top shape. Personally, I use this type of training method daily and have made some impressive strength gains over the years. How many times do you go to a public gym and see people winging it and never making any progress? Quite a few I would guess. So what happens, they overhaul their whole program and they’re back at square one year after year. The trick is to use basically the same exercises, but tweak them a little bit once you hit a plateau. This can be done by changing the rep range, loading parameters, and even by switching the order of the exercises. Like most things, the devil is in the details, and we’ll get more into it in the site. I started because I wanted to put together a training program you could use virtually anywhere,( i.e. garage, basement, park) and get great results. After all, that’s why you train right? To get results. I also think that it’s equally important to find the things you LIKE to do, and then hammer away at them.

Just to give you a little bit of backround about myself, I was involved in athletics all through grade school and high school (football, basketball, baseball: one year of Div-2 football), and in the last five years, trained religiously in boxing and Thai boxing. During this time, I have used pretty much every training method under the sun. And guess what, they all work. There is no magic program out there. There are too many individual variables (training age, body type, goals, etc.) to take into consideration when designing a program for someone–one size doesn’t fit all. However, the whole key to making consistent gains year after year, no matter who you are, is the amount of EFFORT that you put in. Whether you’re pushing a weighted sled, performing high rep push-ups, or deadlifting a heavy load with a trap bar, it’s all the same. You have to get your mind right before you see any significant gains. Repeat. You have to get the mind right first. They say that to become an expert in any field, a person needs to put in 10 years or 10,000 hours of work in that profession. Well my friends, I am quite certain I have put in that amount of time training over the years… if not more. I know what works, I know what’s bullsh*t, and I’m I going to put it out there for ya. If your looking to get stronger, lean out, and become more explosive, you came to the right spot.


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