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Boxing Arm and Shoulder Workout

Here’s a brief but effective workout for building up your arm and shoulder muscular endurance. For those of you involved in combat sports, you’ll find that this drill will increase your punching power by strengthening the tendons and ligaments deep within the joints. Gone are the days of your arms being dead at the end of the round. For the ladies, you can use this workout to get rid of the ‘Olive Oil’ arms, and you don’t have to worry about getting to “bulky” ( As most women do). Since you will be working at a high intensity for 30-second bursts, there is an automatic conditioning element built into it. Like other forms of interval training, you are not counting repetitions; just try to get as much work in as possible in the 30-second block. Oh Yeah, Don’t be half-rep McGee either, use good form with a full range of motion.

For those of you who are not familiar with Jeff Fenech, he is a retired Australian boxer, a three-weight World Champion, and currently, a trainer. His most notable fight came against Azumah  Nelson in ’91, which was the featured undercard bout on the Mike Tyson/Razor Ruddock card. After twelve grueling rounds, the fight was declared a draw. Non-stop action, Fenech just kept comin’ at him. Pull it up on Youtube, good stuff. Ironically, the then-retired Fenech became Tyson’s trainer in 2005, trying to resurrect the ex-champion’s career. This guy’s been in the game for many,many years and knows what works as far as training goes. The only thing he might not be too up on is athletic apparel, as is evident by the spandex pants in the video. Wouldn’t be my first choice, but hey….. whatever blows your hair back right? Well, getting back to the task at hand, this is the way that I like to put it together for a brief and intense workout:

  1. Bas Rutten MMA all-around fighting CD, 4-8 rounds. Then…
  2. Boxing Arm and Shoulder workout, 4-8 rounds. Then…
  3. Core work. Usually the P90X ab ripper.

That’s it. 25-30 minutes continuous work with minimal rest peroids. Hit it hard and fast and be done. Simple as that.



Rich Franklin Treadmill Workout

Here’s a  treadmill routine that I use to improve lung capacity, endurance, and to flush the lactic acid out of the system that gets built up from other workouts. It’s a routine that MMA fighter Rich Franklin uses in the morning five times a week when he’s in training, and I think that it’s a great way to start your day and open the lungs up. He adds some sprint work in at the end to increase his anaerobic conditioning (which is just another name for that “burst” wind you need when you need to react quickly and powerfully) and improve the quick flinch muscle fibers in the legs. Depending on your conditioning level, you might have to dial it down a little when you first try this routine. Keep in mind, this guy’s a top level fighter and has been training for many, many years. Whatever level you may be at, just keep the principles of this workout in place. Start off at a moderate pace, increase the speed every few minutes, and finish strong. You should be cranking out a good clip at the end of the session; I try to think of it as staying in the 80-85% range of my lung capacity towards the end. In other words, it should less then a sprint but definitely more than a jog. Don’t fall into the trap of pacing yourself: your goal is to build up your wind and mental toughness. If you have gas left in the tank, feel free to try to add the sprints in at the end.

Bonus: Rachelle Leah at the beginning of the video…..enough said.