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Sprint Intervals

I learned this treadmill routine from Wayne Gregory, former pro boxer and Thai-Boxer. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Wayne was the first American ever to win Lumpinee Stadium, which is the “home court” if you will, of pro Thai Boxing in Bangkok. He also was a Shidokan champion in the 90’s; kind of pre-MMA. It combined Western Boxing, Thai boxing, and grappling all in one bout. After professional fighting, Wayne was a Boxing/Thai Boxing coach at the CFC on the northside of Chicago, which is where I met him. He currently is an instructor at Tri-City boxing in St. Charles, IL. Wayne is a straight-up guy, and one of the most knowledgeable I have ever met when it comes to conditioning. Anyways, here’s the treadmill routine:

Warm up. 5-10 minutes at a brisk walk or light jog. About 3-4mph w no incline on the machine. Just break a sweat and get the blood moving.

Round 1- 8% incline for 2 minutes. This can be anywhere from 4-6 mph on the treadmill, depending on your conditioning level.

*on your rest period, you will bring the treadmill down to 3-4 mph, with no incline and work on bringing your heart rate down. This will be the same for all rounds.

Round 2- Flat and Fast. This round, there will not be an incline on the treadmill, just bump the speed from anywhere  from 6mph-12mph and sprint; really try to open up your stride during this round.

Round 3- Raise the incline to 10% grade during this round, and the speed will be anywhere from 4-6 mph again, just like round 1. You can adjust the speed down, but do not adust the treadmill down below 10%.

Rest your normal minute with 3-4% speed and no incline. This is your rest in between each and every round.

Round 4- Flat and Fast. Just the same as Round 2, you sprint at anywhere from 6-12mph with no incline for 2 minutes.

Normal rest period for a minute, 3-4% mph for a minute until round 5.

Round 5- This round, bump the incline to 12% grade, and try to keep your speed at 4-6 mph for the duration of the round. This is where is you earn your money.

Last round, Round 6- Flat and Fast. After your I minute rest after round 5 (remember, flat grade at 3-4% walk for one minute during rest periods), you will sprint at anywhere from 6-12 mph at a flat grade. This is your last round, so really “open it up”. After the 2 minute round, you are finished.

So a few key  points to keep in mind, your odd numbered rounds, (1,3,5), will be your incline rounds, with the grade increasing as you get further into the workout. Round 1 is 8% grade, Round 3 is 10% grade, and Round 5 is 12% grade. Your even numbered rounds, (2, 4,6), will be your flat and fast rounds. These  will all be done without an incline, (hence the term ‘flat and fast’), and should be sprinted anywhere from 6 mph-12mph for 2 minutes. All rounds are 2 minutes long, and all rest periods in between rounds are one minute. Very simple routine, once you get the sequencing down with the rounds and the inclines, but not easy. This is a great routine if you are fighting competitively, or even if you are just someone looking to build great work capacity on the treadmill. My experience with the routine is that it can really build the legs and lungs due to the high intensity, and you feel great for about 10 hours afterwards. The whole key to getting the most out of this routine is to push it as hard as you can all six rounds; don’t ‘leave anything in the tank’. Stick to this routine a couple of times a week, and try to progress either by increasing your sprint speed each round, or you could just try to add more rounds. This could be done by continuing with a Round 7, where you would start back over at the beginning and just repeat the rounds in the same fashion as you did starting with round 1. Give this a shot for a few weeks and watch your conditioning go through the roof.