30-second intervals

In order to get the most out of this style of training, there are two things you need to do.

1). Buy an interval timer that you can break down into 30-second increments. It would also help if you have a timer that can automatically do this for multiple rounds. I recommend the gymboss timer. It can be found at gymboss.com.

2). Try to get as much work in as possible in the 30-second increment. Don’t pace  yourself. 100% effort. You won’t get as much benefit out of the drill if you pace yourself.

I usually use this as a stand-alone workout, then throw in some core work afterwards. 30-second intervals will greatly increase your work capacity, allowing you to train longer and with greater intensity during the week. These type of interval workouts are effective because they are short, intense, and allow you to increase your cardio without sacrificing muscle. (Long distance, slow paced cardio workouts can actually make you lose muscle.) The interval that I most frequently use is as follows:

  1. Burpees x 30-sec
  2. Jumping Jacks x 30-sec
  3. Split Jumps x 30-sec
  4. Burpees x 30-sec
  5. Jumping Jacks x 30-sec
  6. Mountain climbers x 30-sec

That is one round. It will last for three minutes. You will work through the six calisthenic exercises with no rest. (You will find that the jumping jacks and split jumps actually give you a little rest since they are not as intense as burpees and mountain climbers.)  You can either set the rest period in between rounds from anywhere to 30 sec. up to a minute. This will depend on your conditioning level. Try to complete 4-6 rounds. Be forewarned…..the burpees and mountain climbers will jack up your heart rate like crazy, so start with longer rest periods in between rounds. As you continue to practice this drill, your work capacity will greatly improve and you can then shoot for shorter rest periods. Notice I said Practice. I found that by thinking about it in this way takes away some of the pre-stress workout and allows you to just jump right in. You will make rapid conditioning gains by adding this to your existing routine 1-2 per week, not to mention feel lighter on your feet and,believe it or not, increase your flexibility. I can’t say scientifically how it does it, but it just does. Try it and see for yourself. The great thing about interval training is that it can be done almost anywhere, provided you have a timer and about 15 minutes to spare. It’s easy, start the timer, work your ass off for 15 minutes and your done. Simple and effective.



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