Bas Rutten MMA

The Bas Rutten MMA workout is a stellar routine that will get you in phenomenal cardio shape. The great thing about this workout, (or not so great depending on how you look at it), is that you can’t pace yourself to make it easier. When hear the combinations called out, you fire ’em out with 100% power and intensity. There are also some defensive sprawls mixed in which breaks your breathing rhythm even further, improving your conditioning.  You can use this workout with a partner holding pads, or you could just hammer away on the heavy bag. Either way will work effectively.

This workout contains four Audio CD’s, along with one Video DVD that has Bas himself showing you how to use this system.The Audio CD’s consist of: Boxing, Thai Boxing, All-Around Fighting, and the All-Around workout CD. On the Boxing and Thai-Boxing CD’s, you will hear Bas’s voice calling out various combinations which you throw on command. On the Thai boxing CD, you’ll either throw a kick or a knee depending on what is called for.  You can either choose two or three minute rounds, depending on your conditioning level. (Note: I highly suggest that you start with two minute rounds, the combinations are called out very fast. You will be winded.) The All-Around Fighting CD is roughly the same as the boxing and Thai boxing CD’s, except there are sprawls mixed in when you hear “defense”. This is killer because your changing levels and will skyrocket your heart rate. I frequently use three rounds of this CD as a warm-up before any type of workout; it really loosen’s you up and gets your body ready for whatever your going to throw at it. The All-Around Workout CD is  longer than the previous CD’s and mixes in some power training. Push-ups, sit-ups, bicep curls, and neck bridges are included to involve some strength work alongside the cardio aspect. This is vitally important because the two must go hand-in-hand. Strength without endurance will do you no good during competition, or whatever you are using these CD’s for.

I must say that purchasing this CD collection was one of the best things I did to improve my conditioning levels. This set will allow you to:

1). Improve stamina and power

2). Burn bodyfat like candlewax

3). Improve speed and reflexes

4). Have fun and reduce stress levels by firing out different punch combinations and kicks/knees.

I have purchased a few of Bas Rutten’s products, and guess what, they’re all golden. Just to give you a little bit of backround about the man, he is an accomplished Dutch Thai boxer who also won the prestigious King of Pancrase World Championship belt in 1995. He defended that title two more times successfully before moving on to become the UFC World Heavyweight Champion in May of 1998. Bottom line, the guy really knows his sh*t when it comes to MMA conditioning. Now retired, he claims that he still uses this same system with the fighters that he trains. I believe it. They are that effective. So if your a competitive fighter looking for and an edge, or just a weekend warrior who’s looking to lean out and harden up, this CD collection is definitely for you. I had a little bit of a difficult time trying to upload the instructional DVD that accompanied the workout CD’s, so I attached this clip to give you an idea of the Thai boxing routine with a partner holding pads. Like I said though, you can still do this routine on the heavy bag if you want. Just keep in mind that you will be hearing the combinations called out on the CD in comparison to the guy holding the pads calling them out like he does in this clip.






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