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Randy Coutre Plyometric Routine

Whatever sport you’re involved in, plyometric drills will improve your fast-twitch muscle fibers, reaction time, and cardio conditioning. They will also help you to be lighter on feet, allowing you to move faster and easier. Most of us who been around athletics know that guy who is strong as hell, but he can’t move for shit. What good is a 300lb. bench press if you can’t use it? I’m not sayin’ you shouldn’t work on maximal strength, because strength is important for sure. Just make sure you can use it….. and use it fast.. How do you get better at doing that you ask? Well, here it is. This is a great plyometric program that MMA legend Randy Couture uses and I strongly suggest adding it once or twice a week to your existing program. You’ll definitely feel the difference in your legs after a couple of sessions. You can find the video here: