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For any of you out there who have allergies or sinus problems, this one is for you. Speaking for myself, as soon as I hit about 30-31 years of age, I started to develop some allergies. It just happens. First, I noticed that if I eat any dairy products or bread, my head fills up and get all that sinus junk and it just sucks. No bueno. I really started to notice it when I would go out drinking on a Saturday night, at the end of the night have some McDonald’s or a burrito, and pass out. The next day, to beat the hangover, I would go workout and try to get some sort of cardio in to sweat it out. Well, I soon realized that the booze wasn’t the only thing coming out of my head. All kinds of ‘good stuff’ was coming out of my sinuses. Shortly thereafter, I noticed that this not only happened after a night out, but also during the week when I ate or drank certain foods. If this sounds like you, there are a few things you can do:

1). Try to lay off the wheat and dairy. Milk is for baby cows, not adults. As far as wheat, I know it’s everywhere, but keep in mind, grains have only been introduced into the human diet in the last couple of hundred years. Some people can get away with eating breads and grains; unfortuneately I’m not that lucky. If you’re reading this… you probably aren’t either. No big deal though, at least you know that going in. The reason a lot of people can’t tolerate them is because they are inflammatory foods and they wreak havoc on your system. Bloating and swelling are two major effects, along with digestion problems. You’re probably just better off finding other food alternatives. No big deal.

2). If you do splurge, and everybody does, here’s what you can do. Let’s say you go out on a Saturday night and gorge down pizza and about 16 beers. The next day you feel like sh*t. Well, go get some kind of cardio in, say about a good 20-25 mins should do the trick. Really try to ramp it up at the end. When your done and have caught your breath, do some sort of push-ups or planks. I have found that the holding your head in the correct position that it needs to be in to perform these exercises really starts to loosen up all the junk that is lodged in your head. Note* have some sort of towel or rag nearby, its gonna get ugly. Don’t be that guy (or girl) at the gym. Alternate planks and push-ups for about 3-4 times. That’s it done. Hit the shower; start it warm for a few minutes, and then finish with cold water for about a minute or two. As long as you can handle the cold. Don’t like it?? Tough. I didn’t tell you to go out drinking. You do the crime, you do the time pal. Do this and I gaurantee you’ll be back to brand new.

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