Ultimate Pull-Up Program Review

The Pull-Up. Basic. Highly Effective. Excellent Results. There’s gotta to be a reason why this exercise has stood the test of time, down from the ancient Greeks and Romans up to today’s day and age. There is a reason….. because they Work.

If your looking for a single program to increase your upper body strength and power, the Ultimate Pull-Up program is the one. The program is designed by Professional Trainer Shawna Kaminski. She is a 49 year old mother of two who can bang out 20. Guys, I know what you’re thinking…Why would I invest in a program that a women designed? I have to admit, I was skeptical about it at first too. But the more I thought I about, if she could do it, what was my excuse? Answer-I didn’t have one. The way I looked at it, if a she could do 20,( and it’s generally harder for women to do since they usually don’t have the upper body strength that men possess), then she must have devised a great program. That she did.  Pull-ups are the number one exercise for building your upper body strength for a number of reasons:

1). Since the pull-up is a compound movement, nearly every muscle is involved including: lats, traps, upper back, biceps, and forearms. (That’s only if you’d be interested in building up these areas.) Basically, your entire back is involved in the movement, developing that ‘V-Tapered’ look that most people desire.

2). Since you are moving your body through space, as opposed to moving a weight around your body(like you do when lifting weights), smaller stabilizer muscles are used and developed that otherwise wouldn’t have been when you perform other exercises such as the bench press or lat pull-down machine.

3). Since you’re pulling your weight up to a bar, your strength/weight ratio will increase due to the fact that for most people, the less they weigh, the more reps they can crank out. This pull-up program automatically brings your ratio to a positive level, which usually equals less body fat.

4). Pull-ups can be performed almost anywhere, Basements, Public Parks, Garages, etc, leading to more opportunities for improvement. . So you don’t feel like goin’ to the gym today. No big deal, you just need to find a place to pull yourself up.  The great thing about this program is that you can, and will, make strength gains if you just the follow the progressions as they are outlined.

5). Pull-ups look cool. Walk in any public gym, or anyplace that has a pull-up bar, and watch someone who can do at least 10 perfect form pull-ups/chin-ups. Chances are that person very strong and in shape. Find someone that can do 20, and you can pretty much bet that they have a six-pack.

When I purchased this product, I was immediately impressed with the way the program was laid out in a simple and easy to follow fashion. It takes all the guess work out programming the sets, reps, and rest periods, which allows you to concentrate on your main goal, increasing your pull-up max. The great thing about it is that you stay way below your max, which allows you use total volume to increase your numbers. Whether your a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, it doesn’t matter. The principles are still the same. You’ll really enjoy doing this program because there are no “death sets” (sets where you are going so hard that it looks like your eyeballs are about to pop out of your head). Just stay consistent and you are guaranteed to see results. I’d be willing to bet that once you start to see your numbers go up, you will become addicted to this program. I know I did.

Just to give my you my personal experience with this program, I was only able to do 3 good form pull-ups when I started. After following this program to the letter, I was eventually able to increase that number to 20. A worthwhile feat of strength for any man(or woman). I have to say that I always looked forward to this workout compared to other upper body training methods. As I progressed through it, my back started to widen out and develop that V-taper look, along with increased size in my traps, biceps, and forearms. My grip strength shot through the roof, due to the fact that the more repetitions you can perform, the longer you are hanging from the bar. T- Shirts started to fit better, my upper body felt more powerful: an instant sense of accomplishment  and increased confidence levels come along for the ride. I absolutely loved working through this program, and I know you will too. So whether your struggling to perform your very first pull-up, or if can already bang out 20, it doesn’t matter. There’s different levels to start from. You will make great progress on this program. If there was only one upper body exercise I could perform for the rest of my life, it would be the pull-up. This was money well spent because I found the simplest and easiest way to increase my upper body strength and power.

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In addition to The Ultimate Pull-Up Program, you also get three free bonus gifts:

  • Endurance Power Builders-  short bodyweight workouts to do on your “off” days.
  • The Push-Up, Pull-Up Challenge- full body program that can be done anywhere that will help you lean out and get stronger.
  • The Little Black Book of Pull-Ups- assistance exercise that can be done to improve your max number of pull-ups.

So to wrap it up, whether your an aspiring MMA fighter, fitness enthusiast, weekend warrior, or just and average homebody who’s wants to become stronger, this program is for you. Check out this stellar program here:http://af5586x72cwe6t104ofa8nfleb.hop.clickbank.net/


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